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Empower Through STEM, Inc.

PAV Strategic Inc was approached by Empower Through STEM Inc. to design its brand & to promote its first ever fundraiser....within one month! Since I enjoy a challenge, I hit the ground running and designed the logo, brand guidelines, optimized the website and ran social media campaigns as well as email campaigns. 

The result: over $40,000 raised and a powerful image for this fantastic non-profit was established.


Long Island Builders Institute

This project is a great example of paying homage to the history of a brand while enhancing its essence. In joining the LIBI women's committee, I saw an opportunity to develop a character through branding. I also contributed to the development of the mission statement. To learn more, contact me today.

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Empower Through STEM, Inc.

Branding guidelines establish rules for how your logo is to be utilized in print and digital media. From typography to color aesthetic, branding guidelines establish consistency for your brand so that it stays memorable in the market. Contact me today to start development of your guide.

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PAV Strategic, Inc.

Logo's are important because they tell a story. PAV Strategic utilizes a peacock feather for its symbol. Peacocks symbolize integrity, passion, versatility, renewal, awareness, vision and metamorphosis; all characteristics representative of my brand.


PAV means peacock in Chech. 🤓

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